iNmotion Wellness, Inc

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iNmotion Wellness is not just a gym but a total health and wellness experience. The concept was designed to be different from the ground up. Every facility offers equipment, classes and amenities, but what they do not offer is results on your terms. I have worked in the health industry for over 20+ years across the United States with some of the worlds most respected and recognized industry pioneers. It has taught me this, at the average health club you're simply a number. When was the last time you visited a "Big Chain Health Club?" Did you feel like a number, or a person who has unique needs and wants? Most importantly did you feel heard and understood when you spoke about your goals and why you were there?  Being a part of the right fitness studio can be life changing, conversely, being a part of the wrong one can be frustrating and, quite frankly, a painful waste of time. My belief is simple, fitness is for everyone. Life is hard enough, our goal is, simply, to get you iNmotion!

Everyone should be on a fitness journey, the path you choose is soley up to you. Exercise is not just about moving, it should be an experience that is fun, engaging and challenging enough to keep your attention. That means the staff of the facility is just as critical to your success as the equipment. At iNmotion Wellness, we will earn the right, by delivering a customized solution to your fitness resolutions. Exercise can be frustrating, our objective is to provide a safe atmosphere that helps you build confidence and encourages you to be yourself. Results on your terms is what we are about.

Let us guide you and add life to your years. Come by and experience the difference that being iNmotion can have in your life today!